Venue & Tech Specs

Capacity, Stage, Sound & Lights

Capacity: 200
Stage: 215 sq ft Corner Stage

FOH Console: Behringer X32 Compact Digital Mixer

Main Speakers: 4 QSC K 12s

Subs: 2 QSC KW 181s

Monitors: 5 Mixes, 4 QSC K 10s, 1 Alto TS 112 Drum Monitor

Mics: 5 Sennheiser 835s, 5 Shure SM 57s, 2 Shure Beta 52s, 2 Rode M5s, 1 Audio -Technica Wireless Handheld

Stage Power: Standard grounded outlets available Upstage Center and Downstage Left, Center, and Right.

Lighting: 4 ADJ MegaPar Profiles, 3 Chauvet SlimPar 64s,
4 Venue ThinPar64s, 1 Chauvet 6 Spot


*All XLR inputs and monitor sends accessed through floor mounted patch bays in 3 locations (Upstage, SL, SR). Please discuss running IEMs with Production Manager.

**Stereo Board mix may be recorded via provided 16GB USB stick, and/or provided 2 track recorder with XLR or 1/4″ TRS inputs. Please discuss with Production Manager.


House Equipment

Drum Kit: Pearl Export EXL, 4 piece, Snare 14″, Bass 22″, 16″ Tom, 14″ Tom, 12″ Tom,

Cymbols: Zildjian 21″ Ride, 18″ Crash, 16″ Crash, 14″ High hats, Pearl Hardware

No Bass Rig
No Guitar Amp


To Book a Show at The Local

For booking inquiries please email press kits, booking history and relevant links to:

We do not accept booking inquiries via phone or social media.

Please include relevant links and a Nashville show history!